Touchpad Gesture Control issue in Windows 10

Laptop used: Lenovo G580

Windows Version: Windows 10

Touchpad Version: Synaptics v16

After the upgrade to Windows 10, the touchpad gestures did not work at all. Many of you may be facing the same issue after the upgrade. Having researched a lot on this, I found out that neither any portal nor OEMs have any update on it. The OEMs are yet to develop a solution and come up with their updates. 

So, I thought of giving it a trial myself and voila! It worked perfectly! So, I am here to share the trick with you all.

The issues that I had encountered after Windows 10 upgrade: 

1. One Finger Scroll not working 

2. Touchpad scroll not working 

3. Two Fingered Scroll not working

4. Issues with Internet Explorer 10 scroll bar 

It was also noted that the conflict may happened as the windows drivers have been retained from the old version of Windows 8.1. As a result, the Touch or the Sound drivers may not perform as expected. 

Windows have generic drivers to work. So, we do not get the proper gesture control on the touchpad which works as a PS2 mouse. Thus, the manufacturer's device drivers are vital for any driver to function properly. However, as mentioned earlier, the OEMs are yet to release the drivers as it takes time for their R&D.

Having found that Synaptics v16 Touchpad driver is the latest driver which is compatible with Windows 10. Perhaps, it is being used by most of the most manufacturers. The OEMs adjusts the Synaptics Touchpad drivers according to their needs, to work with Windows OS.

I tried to make some adjustments and tested if it worked for my own system.

The steps that were followed are mentioned below:

1. Uninstall Pointing Device Driver using Control Panel or from Device Manager, if it is retained from your previous OS. (Synaptics Touchpad, Elan Pointing device etc).

2. RESTART the system for complete uninstall.

3. Install Synaptics v16.

4. Open Registry Editor (Win+R) 

5. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Synaptics\SynTPEnh 

6. Create a new DWORD 32 called "UseScrollCursor" and set it with a value of "0" (Acer, Dell, Hp, Sony Vaio)

7. RESTART or Logoff.

That's all folks! Now, you should be able scroll using Gestures.

Kindly note that this was tested in Lenovo G580, where:

 The Elan Pointing Driver had to be re-installed after Step 7.

 "UseScrollCursor" was set with a value of "1".

Keep posting for any issues. Happy browsing!

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  1. Thank you for sharing the information.

  2. Hi, and thanks for posting this. I have a question though- at the end you said you needed to re-install the Elan driver. Which Elan driver, and how do you keep it from replacing the Synaptics driver?


    1. Hi Iesue, you need to re-install the same driver which you had earlier. In my case, it was Elan. If yours was Synaptics, then re-install the same.

  3. Well. I dont know whats the point, but lets say I believe its worked :-)
    I have G580 and trying everything possible, nothing worked. Then I checked the Elan settings.... well there is scrolling to enable but its different. Its not with one finger in the right side, but two fingers anywhere on touchpad. There is reverse option also.

    Happy browsing :d


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